Shepway Building Contractors also carry out internal and external alterations such as an increase in family numbers so an extra bedroom is required
A better living environment
A more modern living environment
Formation of an office
Formation of a granny flat
Formation of a children's play area

Internal alteration projects usually involve the following:-
Formation of a new internal opening in an internal load-bearing wall
Formation of a new opening in an external load-bearing wall (possibly to make access to a new extension or garden area)
Removal of several internal load-bearing walls to provide an open area
Formation of an enlarged Kitchen area

Loft conversions using substitution construction - either modern trussed or traditional roof conversions which require additional attention to fire regulations
Basement and cellar conversions, some requiring additional floor to ceiling height provided by excavation and dwarf retaining walls
Removal of existing chimney breasts and chimney stacks that all require the insertion of steel support beams. 
Openings in floors for new staircase access and lifts
Strengthening of existing foundations to support additional storey heights
Removal of defective beams and their replacement
Removal of defective masonry walls and their replacement
Removal of floors and their replacement
Additional steel support framework to increase higher loadings on floors
Formation of roof dormers, support structure and internal finishes